Announcing Patxi’s tasty new menu items

We’ve been spending quite a bit of time in the kitchen lately. Even the biggest pizza lovers have a hard time eating it every day, so we’ve been working on perfecting a few small plates that spice things up, excite your taste buds, or even make a great substitute for pizza on those rare days when you’re craving something different.

The Burrata Bruschetta is comprised of creamy burrata cheese, basil pesto, and tomato confit, served with warm focaccia. This decadent appetizer is a great one to share. The warm focaccia with the cool and creamy burrata balances out the sweet tomato and flavorful pesto. Once you dip your bread into it, you’ll taste why this may soon become an addiction!

patxis burrata bruschetta Announcing Patxi’s tasty new menu items

Our new meatball dish was inspired by a long-time favorite, ‘Old Style’ Boston-Italian recipe that has been passed down for generations. We use sustainably raised beef and a Chicago-style Italian sausage blended together with a few other ingredients. The meatball is braised in a housemade tomato sauce and then topped with fresh basil and Grana Padano, a milder version of Parmigiano Reggiano.

patxis meatball dish Announcing Patxi’s tasty new menu items

Light, fresh and simple, the Arugula Salad is made with wild arugula tossed with fresh squeezed lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil, and a generous portion of shaved Grana Padano. The peppery taste of the fresh arugula is complemented by the tart citrus, which makes it a refreshing way to tempt the palate.

patxis arugula salad Announcing Patxi’s tasty new menu items

The Chopped Salad, a true meal in a salad, is lightly dressed with our new housemade roasted garlic vinaigrette. This salad is packed with goodness! We start with finely chopped crisp romaine hearts and then add pulled chicken, spicy salami, and cubes of whole milk mozzarella.   But, we don’t stop there. The salad also has roasted red pepper, kidney beans, fresh basil, chopped scallions, pickled pepperoncini, and sweet cherry tomatoes to fill you up without feeling heavy. Think you might pass on the pizza tonight? Stopping by for a quick lunch?  This is definitely a tasty alternative.

patxis chopped salad Announcing Patxi’s tasty new menu items

Here at Patxi’s, pizza is our passion. But in addition to that, we’re focused on doing things right and making every experience in our restaurant the best it can be. These new menu items take all of your favorite things about our pizza—the fresh ingredients and crave-worthy flavors—and used them to create some alternative, tasty accompaniments.

Come in to your nearest Patxi’s location, try them out, and let us know what you think!

What do you think?

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Rita says:

Really not happy with the service tonite. Ordered the thin crust arugula and prosciutto. Driver forgot to give me my arugula. I complained and the driver and the arugula came after the pizza was gone. It’s thin crust . It goes fast. I’m disappointed in your quality of product and customer satisfaction. You could have sent a small thin crust with arugula and prosciutto. I won’t be ordering thin crust again. I like your deep dish items but the thin crust was not worth 27 dollars.

Patxi's Pizza says:

Hello Rite – we’re very sorry to hear that. Which Patxi’s did you order from? Please email us at and we will make it up to you.

Nancy says:

What happened to the cornmeal crust deep-dish pie option? It’s our favorite by far.

Patxi's Pizza says:

Nancy, you’ll be glad to hear that the cornmeal pan crust is back! We hope you’ll come in and try it soon!

Thanks for coming to Denver, now I can get my Chi-Town Deep Dish Pizza fix on without flying to the Windy City. Ate there today and it was awesome and impressive. Loved it! Thinking it will be a regular spot on the Denver Food Circuit for me now. Yummy. Keep it up!

I haven’t tried it yet, but I will be ordering it today and I can’t wait, I am going to tell everyone . The video makes me want to leave work right now and chow down onthat deep dish pizza ,yummy.

Amanda says:

Do you guys offer any gluten free crust? That’d be amazing!

Patxi's Pizza says:

Amanda, we sure do! Our thin gluten-free crust is available at all locations.

simply the very best pizza i’ve had

carlmacki says:

I am a fan of your pizza, and am wondering whether you will be opening up a Paxti’s in Marin. Sausalito would be great, as I still remember Gatsby’s there.

Patxi's Pizza says:

Carl, thank you! We are currently looking at good spots for a Marin location! Stay tuned!

Doug DuFrene says:

Dear Mr. Azpiroz, we visited Patxi’s (Cherry Hills – Denver) and ENJOYED & devoured a few items from the menu. WONDERFUL and so DELICIOUS! We’re from Maplewood, MN and think, (okay… strongly request) you consider opening a few Patxi’s in the Twin Cities, starting in, or around Maplewood, perhaps in Woodbury, a great place and growing!

You guys are doing a great job, BEST Italian food and flavor we’ve ever tasted!!! We truly mean that!!! (my wife is Italian).

P. S. We’d love for you to come to Minnesota! and for the selfish part, please send Ed Tucker to facilitate and manage the stores. He stole our daughter from us :) ……’er I mean he stole our daughter’s heart, and she married him… and we miss them all, especially my lil’ granddaughter.

Thanks Patxi for your consideration!
Sincerely, Doug & Nancy DuFrene

Nicole says:

Paxtis is by far my favorite pizza (gluten free) – but we moved to San Rafael and I’m having withdraws. can you please come to Marin? We desperately need you!!

Alyssa says:

I am moving back to a Patxi’s-less San Diego. :( Any plans to open a location in So Cal?!…PLEASE!

Stacey says:

Every pizza that we have ordered from Patxi’s has been delicious!!! We always have great service when dining in, and everyone is always very friendly and helpful! We are so glad you opened the Cherry a hills location!!

Patxi's Pizza says:

Thank you Stacey!! We appreciate it!

Don Whitely says:

I was sorry to learn that the half-baked deep dish pizza was no longer available ready-to-go. I suppose it won’t be a problem to order ahead before I come by, but it used to be very quick and easy for a spur-of-the moment purchase.

Sandi L. says:

I ordered the thin crust and was a bit nervous about delivery. However, I was happily amazed that it arrived with a crispy bottom. Fabulous pizza both in the restaurant and delivered. Thank you.

Dan Latta says:

I ordered a Paxtis gluten free pizza for delivery on Sunday night. My wife and I are both GF and have tried all the pizzas in our neighborhood. Paxtis is by far the best, but this pie was overcooked to the point of being inedible. I called the restaurant and was transform to a manager who never picked up. I realized this was the Fillmore store and it was the night of Bay to Breakers so they were really busy so I decided to just blow it off and go someplace else. It would be nice if I could get credit for that pie so my wife and I could enjoy it another time. Let me know what you can do… Thanks.

Patxi's Pizza says:

Dan, we’re sending you an email so we can get this resolved!

Diane says:

Enjoyed my first visit to Patxi’s in Campbell. Absolutely fell in love with your deep dish pizza. We arrived mid afternoon and service was stellar. Definitely will be back.

sue says:

We have been very pleased with your food and service. One time we brought in a cake for a birthday party and it was not an issue. Even shared it with the cooking staff!

Ryan says:

2 years ago you said you were coming to Marin. Please come and help this arid and dry land with your saucy goodness ! Nu?

Chris says:

When are you opening in Santa Barbara? I posted a thread on SB’s – looks like a lot of people looking forward to you opening – especially me! I grew up 6 blocks from Pizzeria Uno on Wabash in Chicago, now live in SB – so if you need a taste tester – let me know!

Michael says:

I lived out in Fremont CA for 5 years and became hooked on Patxi’s. Now that I am back in Springfield MO I GREATLY miss it. I have found a place that comes close but doesn’t have the same Patxi’s Chicago Deep Dish Crust that I like. I guess I will have to make due until I can pop back to CA.